Igor Medvedev , –°ommercial Director at Ekoland LTD

Bilateral Meetings

  • 13.11.2012 Tuesday (10:30 - 13:00)
  • 13.11.2012 Tuesday (14:00 - 17:00)

Ekoland is one of the top three distribution companies in Voronezh region, which has warehouse of 3600 m2 and is a big supplier of retail chains X5 Retail Group, Sedmoi kontinent, Pyaterochka and many others.

Country: Russian Federation

Organization Type: Buyer

Organization Size: 250+

Founding Year: 1996

Phone: +74732333526


City: Voronezh 394033,Russia, Voronezh, Zemlyachky str. 1 Google map

Areas of Activities


  1. Preserved fruits
  2. Preserved vegetables

Preserved products

We are interested in canned sweet corn and green peas 425 ml, pickles 6-9cm, pickling cucumbers 3-6cm, tomatoes in vinigar and own juice, tomato paste in glass and tin, cannellini and red beans in own juice and tomato sauce, ajvar in glass 720ml, olives 300ml,280 gr., virgin and pure olive oil in glass 0,25l, 0,5l, 1l.

Type of Cooperation
  1. Distribution