Jelena Bakić , Marketing at Doo"Atler-Fontana"

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  • 13.11.2012 Tuesday (10:30 - 13:00)
  • 13.11.2012 Tuesday (14:00 - 17:00)

Frozen Bakery products
Bakery Atler-Fontana has existed for 15 years and has been producing a large number of bakery and confectionery products. In our program, you can find various types of cakes, small cakes, the widest assortment of cakes, of all shapes and decorations of your choice and taste as well as the newest program fintess and a pastry for athletes.
About our quality is the fact that our core consumers schools, which themselves have extremely high demand, a large number of mega-markets in which our products offer a wide range of consumers, as well as several of our stores, which now falls under the domain of tradition. When this is added to the high technological level of production, blended with 15 years of experience and certification ISSO 9001-2008 and HCCP, who won our company was among the first in Serbia, for which she received praise for the consistency of the application, the impression of firm that monitors its main goal is to have top-quality products with the lowest price on the one hand, and the creation of tradition and trust with our customers on the other.
Bakery production facility Atler Fontana is located in Kikinda, quiet town in northern Banat. The company at the moment employs 100 people and supplies over 100 schools across Serbia, as well as a large number of retail stores and supermarkets, where our products are always present.

Country: Serbia

Organization Type: Supplier

Organization Size: 51-100

Founding Year: 1996

Phone: 063/544-701


City: Kikinda 23300,Dragutina Ristića 7 Google map

Areas of Activities


  1. Bakery products

frozen bakery products

frozen bakery products

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