Aleksandra Prokopovic , sales manager at STRELA DOO

Bilateral Meetings

  • 13.11.2012 Tuesday (10:30 - 13:00)
  • 13.11.2012 Tuesday (14:00 - 17:00)

We are second exporters of wild mushrooms in Serbia, and mostly working with chantarelles and boletus.
Regarding fruit we are able to offer strawberry, wild strawberry, raspberries, blackberries (cultivated and wild), blueberries, sour cherry, plums, rose hips and some other fruit.
Our experience in these areas is big and we can guarantee quality products and quality services.

Country: Serbia

Organization Type: Supplier

Organization Size: 101-250

Founding Year: 1991

Phone: +381 16 244 011


City: Leskovac 16000,Lebanski put 15, Donje Sinkovce Google map

Areas of Activities


  1. Preserved vegetables
  2. Frozen fruits
  3. Other

wild mushrooms, frozen fruit

Type of Cooperation
  1. Raw materials
  2. Distribution